Ubisoft NEXT UI Style Sheet - 2019



Ubisoft NEXT is a yearly program that provides a short brief for younger designers to cut their teeth on. When some designers from Ubisoft told me it'd be a fun challenge, I agreed! Because the briefs are short, some assumptions have to be made about the product - in this case, I wanted to show more than the 5 abilities requested, thinking that a style guide would include locked/unlocked states, some implied economy systems, and maybe character aspect traits that allow a character access to different subsets of abilities. On the left is a big area for character art to build a connection. On the right there's a looped video showing off the current ability, which is both accessible and cool. 



One challenge I set for myself was to not use anything - besides underlying fonts, due to time contraints - that came from a library or other resource. Every effect is digitally painted, practical textures were photographed, lines roughed up, and "how to age paper with coffee" typed into Google. The depicted character, of course, belongs to Ubisoft.



Nate Davis

UX Designer,
UI Artist,